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Get access to our "Illyrian Levels Algo", and have automated support/resistance levels shown on any chart you open up, in real-time. These are the perfect levels you need to day trade. Now available in ThinkOrSwim desktop platform, and TradingView both desktop & mobile. 



*** This will grant you lifetime access to the ThinkOrSwim script, it does not include the TradingView version 


Part of the Diamond Subscription Plan

*** This will grant you access to the Diamond Plan benefits and the TradingView version. If access is needed for ThinkOrSwim, you will have to stay locked in the plan for a 1-year minimum


*Disclaimer*  All sales are final.

Hover your mouse cursor over the image below, for more information

Entry Levels


Entry Levels

Profit Taking Levels

Long-Timeframe Support/Resistance Levels

Short-Timeframe Support/Resistance Levels

Profit Taking Levels

Key Bounce/Breakout Level

Overextended or Still
Room to Run Labels

How to Access After Purchase

ThinkOrSwim Version

  • After making the one-time purchase
    (Option 1) , or joining the Diamond Plan (Option 2) and indicating that you need the ThinkOrSwim version, you should receive an email with a link to the script. 


  • Upon clicking on the link, it should redirect you to a page by ThinkOrSwim which will give you instructions on how to import the script into your platform.

  • After importing, you will always be able to find the script by searching in "Studies", the name "TheIllyrianLevels".

  • Once you import the script, you will have lifetime access to it.

TradingView Version

  • After subscribing to the Diamond Plan (Option 2), you will need to message KV on the Discord server, or email him at your TradingView username so you can get access.

  • After that step is completed you will have to go to the "Charts" tab on the main page, where you will find the "Indicators" tab, also seen as  "fx"  at the top of the page.

  • Then click on "Invite-only scripts" and you should see there "The Illyrian Levels". Which by clicking it should pop up the levels on your chart ready to use with KV's default settings.

  • You will have 24/7 access to the script, as long as you stay subscribed to the Diamond Plan.

  • How does it work?
    The algo will automatically plot support & resistance levels on any chart you open, which can be best used for day trading. The levels provided can be seen as entry points, profit-taking, and stop-loss levels. The levels come from short and long timeframes, each indicating different strengths.
  • What markets can I use this with?
    The Illyrian Levels are specifically made to trade stocks. Other markets such as forex and crypto have not yet been tested.
  • Is it beginner friendly?
    Yes, if you are new to trading or charting stocks, this is the tool that will help you out. The project first started because of beginner traders; to fill the gap of people wanting to get into trading but having difficulty finding key levels to enter and exit.
  • Can I win every trade using this algo?
    The answer is no. Even though this is not a delayed algorithm, it will not have a guaranteed 100% accuracy. We advise our clients to use the tools we provide, but to never follow a signal from our algo or any other indicator out there blindly.
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